Xpert Korea 

provide services as an optimal partner 
to companies seeking to expand their market share of existing products 
in the healthcare market in Korea or make new inroads. 

About the company 

Xpert Korea can establish a systematic product launch strategy with the experience of participating in R&D and licensing antibody drugs, generic drugs, medical devices, and health functional foods.

In addition, antibody drugs had been experienced in implementing successful sales marketing strategies to achieve the No. 1 market share within a year and a half of its launch.

Based on this experience, we can carry out sales strategies to maintain sustainable growth by organizing conferences and sales networks according to the characteristics of each product.‌

Xpert Korea has a network of medical societies and sales and distribution channels for various healthcare products. We have strengths in circulatory internal medicine, digestive internal medicine, neurology, orthopedic surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, and otolaryngology and have sales channels and distribution channels.

The main items handled by Xpert Korea are medicines and medical devices, and health functional foods and cosmetics provide market expansion services only for requested products.

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